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Uniform Traffic Ticket

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"I took the defensive driving class for point reduction. Thank you for offering it online! I feel much better because I did something about my traffic ticket instead of just having the points added to my driving record."

Albany, NY

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How to Handle Your New York Uniform Traffic Ticket

You cruise in at 60-65 on the slow lane at a 55mph zone --- right as you turn the corner, a police officer is waiting to hand you a uniform traffic ticket. You think you can just pay the traffic ticket and then forget it. If this happens too often this sort of action could get your driving privileges suspended in NY. So what exactly should you do?

  • Keep your uniform traffic ticket - Don't lose it under the car seat or in the glove box. Keep it somewhere that you're bound to remember. Should you lose your uniform traffic ticket, contact the NY DMV right away. Each state's DMV keeps a database of motorists and driving violations. They could easily find your information there.
  • Deal with it - In the state of New York, a uniform traffic ticket has the information of your citation. If your license gets suspended, you'll have to appear in court to plead either guilty or not guilty. If you plead guilty, a judge will issue you a fine based on the offense described in your uniform traffic ticket. When you plea not guilty, you fill up the information at the back of your uniform traffic ticket and send it to the address given within 15 days of the citation. If the citation doesn't get your license suspended, you may either pay online (http://www.nydmv.state.ny.us/PleadandPay/default.html) or by mail.
  • Take a New York defensive driving course - Not only will it make you a better driver, it will also get up to 4 points deducted out of your driving record.

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Those are the steps in handling a NY uniform traffic ticket, just make sure you deal with it as soon as possible, to avoid making things worse. Better yet, take a defensive driving course and learn the ways of the road, to avoid any future hassle.

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