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Defensive Driving Course: Frequently Asked Questions

Defensive Driving Course

Defensive Driving Course: Frequently Asked Questions

Defensive Driving Course

Eligibility and Benefits

Point Reduction/Traffic Tickets

Insurance Reduction Information

Defensive Driving Course

Is your course approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles in New York?

Yes, our online New York Defensive Driving course is approved by the NYS DMV.

Can I complete the New York Defensive Driving course online?

Yes! The course can be completed online or in a classroom.

How long is the New York Defensive Driving course?

The New York Department of Motor Vehicles requires the defensive driving course to be six hours long. The time requirement begins after you complete registration. If you take the course online, you may complete it in one sitting or log in and out as many times as you like. Your place in the course is automatically saved as you progress through it.

Will I receive a certificate for passing the defensive driving course?

Yes, you will receive a certificate for passing the course based on the delivery option you select.

Do I have to pass a test to get my certificate for the defensive driving course?

No, you are not required to pass a test to receive your certificate for completing this course.

I've completed the defensive driving course for point reduction. How do I notify the New York State DMV?

We will notify the NYS DMV when you complete the course. The notice will be entered on your New York Driving Record, and up to four points will be deducted from the total number of active points on your record. This means that the DMV will not count up to four points on your record towards a driver's license revocation or suspension.

Learn more about the NY Traffic Ticket Violation Point System.

How do I verify that my defensive driving course completion is on my driving record?

Allow a minimum of eight weeks for your course completion to be posted to your driving record. To check your driving record, request a copy of it from the NY DMV. Complete form MV-15, "Request for Driver and/or Vehicle Record Information." If your course completion is not noted on your record, please contact us.

How do I get my insurance discount after completing the defensive driving course?

Present your certificate of completion to your insurance agent within 90 days to receive your discount. After 90 days, you may still receive a discount, but your insurance agent may issue the discount effective from the date you submitted the certificate.

What is PIRP? What is IPIRP?

PIRP stands for Point and Insurance Reduction Program. IPIRP stands for Internet Point and Insurance Reduction Program - the same course delivered via the internet.

Eligibility and Benefits

What are the benefits of taking the point reduction and insurance discount course?

The course provides up to a four-point reduction in the total number of active points on your driving record, depending on when the points were assessed, and a 10% reduction from the base rate of your current liability, no-fault and collision premiums for three years.

Who is eligible to take the point reduction and insurance discount course?

All New York drivers are eligible to take this course. Drivers with zero points on their driving record will still receive an insurance discount of 10% for three years.

Who should take the point reduction and insurance discount course?

Each person with a New York driver's license listed as a principal operator on the family's auto insurance policy must take this course to be eligible for a discount. For example, if a husband and wife have two passenger vehicles, both must take the course to receive a discount on each policy.

Can teen drivers take the point reduction and insurance discount course?

Yes. Any licensed, insured driver who is the principal operator of a vehicle and completes the course will receive the discount. The course also helps reinforce safe driving concepts for newly licensed drivers.

Point Reduction/Traffic Tickets

What is point reduction?

The term "point reduction" means that the DMV will not count the reduced points on your driving record towards a driver's license revocation or suspension.

Do I qualify for point reduction?

Licensed drivers who have received a uniform traffic ticket and had points assessed to their driving record within 18 months prior to completing this course are eligible for point reduction. You cannot receive credit for points assessed more than 18 months before completing the course or for any future points assessed to the driving record.

How often can I take the point reduction course to reduce the points on my driving record?

You may take the course once in an 18-month period to reduce points from the driving record.

What information is on my driving record?

With your New York driver record report, you'll be able to verify the following information:

  • Current mailing address on file with the NYS DMV
  • License status and expiration date
  • Driver license class with any restrictions and endorsements
  • Any suspensions, revocations, accidents or traffic violations with convictions

I only have three points on my driving record. After taking the point reduction course, will the point total on my driving record be a negative number?

No. The point total on your driving record cannot be less than zero.

Does completing the point reduction course remove violations from my driving record?

No. Your overall point total will be reduced by up to four points, but the violations will still show on your driving record. Learn more about how to

If I receive a traffic ticket after completing the point reduction course, can I use the course to reduce or eliminate the points from the ticket?

No. The course cannot be used as a credit towards future traffic violations.

My license is being revoked or suspended. Can I take the point reduction course to prevent this from happening?

You will receive the point reduction for the revoked or suspended license if you take this course, but taking this course will not necessarily prevent the revocation or suspension from happening.

Insurance Reduction Information

If more than one driver on my insurance policy completes the insurance reduction course, do we all get the discount?

The 10% insurance discount can only be applied to one driver for each covered vehicle.

If my teen driver receives a driver education discount, can s/he still receive a discount for taking the insurance reduction course?

Talk to your insurance agent to make sure you are taking advantage of all available insurance discounts.

How often can I take the insurance reduction course for an insurance discount?

You may take the course once every 36 months to maintain your insurance discount.

Can taking the insurance reduction course keep my insurance company from increasing my premiums?

No. Taking this course does not prevent regular insurance premium increases or premium increases due to violations or crashes.

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