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New York Point System

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"I panicked when I got my traffic ticket, because I knew that it would add points to my license and that my insurance would increase. I was so relieved when I found out I could take this course to avoid both the points and the increase in my insurance premium. And taking it online made it painless - THANKS for making this course available! "

K.B. - White Plains, NY

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How does the Traffic Ticket Point System Work in New York

The New York traffic ticket point system is a way for the DMV to take note of the traffic violators from the millions of drivers in the city. Every time you get a New York traffic ticket, a specific set of points is assigned to your driving record at the time of the offense. (Not the day you go to court.) The state also suggests that all drivers take the point and insurance reduction program/point reduction course to reduce points.

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A few more facts about the New York traffic ticket point system:

Insurance consequences - Whenever you get a New York traffic ticket, your insurance company has the right to increase your premiums based on the number of points. You can reduce 4 points if you've taken a point reduction course, which may lower your premiums. Insurance companies usually check for points when renewing your policy.

Suspension - When you receive 11 points within an 18-month period, your license may get suspended for a month. A speeding violation can range from 2-11 points depending on how fast over the speed limit you go. So it doesn't take much to get your license suspended.

Driver Responsibility Program - Exclusive to New York, this program is designed to make drivers even more responsible on the road. When you accumulate 6 points within an 18-month period, a driver is subject to the Driver Responsibility Assessment Law. For which you'll have to pay $100 per 6 points, plus $25 for each additional point.

In New York, it is highly-recommended to take the point and insurance reduction program or any alternative point reduction course. The point and insurance reduction program, for the 6 hours it takes, can really help make insurance payments more affordable in the long run and help you avoid New York traffic tickets.

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