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Point Reduction Course

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"Taking the New York defensive driving course online was so easy and so convenient. I loved not having to take time away from work or my family to complete the class!"

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NY Point Reduction Course

Point reduction is just one of the benefits you receive from taking this defensive driving course. If you take this Point Reduction Course, you can:

  • REDUCE your driver violation point total by a maximum of four points, and
  • SAVE 10% on your automobile liability and collision insurance premiums
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How does the New York Point System work?

Points are assessed against your driving record based on the date you committed the traffic violation, not the date you were convicted in court. If you accumulate 11 or more points in 18 months, you will be called to a DMV hearing, after which your license may be suspended or revoked. You will be offered the option of waiving the hearing or accepting a definite period of suspension. This New York driving class cannot prevent a mandatory suspension or revocation (some license revocations and suspensions are mandatory and do not depend on points, including three speeding violations within 18 months and convictions involving alcohol or drugs).

A driver responsibility assessment is not affected by completion of the defensive driving class or the resulting point reduction. The New York State defensive driving class cannot be used as a credit toward future traffic violation points.

Completion of a New York defensive driving course does not mean that any violation, conviction or notice of original points on your driving record is removed from your driving record. Even after you complete the driving class, most violations, convictions, and points assessed will remain on your New York driving record for up to four years. Violations and convictions that involve drugs or alcohol will appear on your driving record for ten years.

The DMV computer system automatically applies the point reduction when your driving class completion is added to your driving record. Your New York driving record will show your convictions and the points assessed for them, along with a notation that you completed the driving class in New York and that a reduction of up to four points has been applied. Your driving record will not show a summary or total that includes the subtraction of the points, because the reduction is automatically applied within the DMV computer system. Learn more about how the NY DMV point system works here.

To verify the defensive driving course completion has been entered on your driver record, request a copy of your driving record from the DMV online, or complete Form MV-15, "Request for Driver and/or Vehicle Record Information" at any motor vehicle office. If your New York State defensive driving class completion is not noted on your driving record more than ten weeks after you completed it, please contact us at 1-877-299-4511.

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